The science department stresses the scientific method as a learning device, student participation in laboratories and application of subject matter to daily life. The department strives to prepare students to become citizens of a technological society and improve their ability to evaluate controversial scientific issues on merit rather than emotion and rhetoric. Science is made relevant and exciting by bringing it into the real world through the application of course content to daily living. Courses are taught at multiple ability levels enabling all students to enroll in science classes.


Melissa Bickford ‘89, Science
M.S. Johns Hopkins University
Amy Cannon, Chair/Science*
M.Ed Loyola University Maryland
Jay Kulkarni, Science
M.A. Loyola University
Terri McKernan, Science
B.S. Juniata College
Christina Mohs, Science
M.A. Chatham College
Kenneth Mrozek, Science
M.A. Loyola University
Leah Pedder, Science
M.A. Loyola University
Nathan Printz, Science
M.A. Notre Dame of Maryland University
Chanemia Singleton, Science
M.A. City College of New York City
Rita Trice, Science
M.S. University of Maryland College Park
Nicole Wahlgren, Science
B.S. Florida Institute of Technology



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