Our current graduation service requirement is 60 hours of community service and a 1 page type written reflection on your Outreach experience. These hours may all be done through Outreach service or they can be divided between Outreach Service and Unspecified Service. If you choose to divide them, you are required to have a minimum of 25 Outreach hours. There are semester deadlines in place beginning a student's Sophomore year to ensure student's complete all  hours and their reflection by January of a student’s senior year.

The ASHS difference between Outreach and Unspecified

The main difference between Outreach and Unspecified comes down to the population being served. For Outreach hours, students should serve populations that are often underserved or marginalized by the greater society. Some examples of these populations are people who are homeless, people with disabilities, people who are elderly, and people experiencing severe needs. Some examples of organizations are homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, or Senior Centers. Participating in a week-long mission trip or service immersion program typically qualifies as well.

For Unspecified hours, students can serve one’s school, church or community. Some examples are volunteering at a Spalding event such as Open House or Orientation, raking leaves for a neighbor, or volunteering at a bible camp. While these opportunities present a need, they are often well within a student’s comfort zone and do not necessarily serve an underserved community, therefore fall under the Unspecified category.

Additionally, while worthwhile, activities that involve the task of raising money, walking in a walk/run for charity, service done for immediate or extended family, service performed on a school day during school hours, altar serving, liturgical choir, or lectoring (exception: if you serve beyond one mass per weekend or give of your time before or after liturgy, you may count those hours), service done for a political campaign, volunteering at a "for profit" Spalding sports, music, or drama camps, or working with animals do not count toward Unspecified or Outreach service. (Some exceptions may be made in regard to working with animals if it is an opportunity that coincides with assisting an underserved population – for example Maryland Therapeutic Riding, or Training seeing eye dogs etc.). When questions arise, contact Mrs. Sharon Dols at



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