What is the difference between Outreach Service and Unspecified Service and how many hours do I need of each type of service?

The main difference between Outreach and Unspecified comes down to the population being served. For Outreach hours, students should serve populations that are often underserved or marginalized by the greater society. Some examples of these populations are people who are homeless, people with disabilities, people who are elderly, and people experiencing severe needs. Some examples of organizations are homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, or Senior Centers. Participating in a week-long mission trip or service immersion program typically qualifies as well.

For Unspecified hours, students can serve one’s school, church, or community. Some examples are volunteering at a Spalding event, raking leaves for a neighbor who might be a senior citizen, serving at a community event, or volunteering at a bible camp. While these opportunities present a need, they are often well within a student’s comfort zone and do not necessarily serve an underserved community.

You can choose to do all your service in Outreach Service or you can divide the 60 hours. If you divide the 60 hours, you need at least 25 hours in Outreach.

Can I seek out my own service opportunities or do I have to participate in Spalding events or the ones specifically listed on the Approved Outreach opportunities form?

We always encourage students to seek out their own service opportunities. When doing so, students need to seek approval from the Campus Ministry office to ensure the service they have selected will qualify for the ASHS requirement BEFORE completing the service. Please give our staff adequate time before the service to respond to your request for approval. If you have found a really great opportunity, please share it with our office!

Are there activities that do not count toward Spalding service?

Yes, the following activities may not be submitted - hours done for: soliciting money or making donations; walking/running in a walk/run; service done for immediate or extended family; service performed on a school day during school hours; altar serving, liturgical choir, or lectoring (exception: if you serve beyond one mass per weekend or give of your time before or after liturgy, you may count those hours); service done for a political campaign; service done strictly with animals, service done with "for profit" ASHS Sports teams, camps, music, or drama groups.

How do I record my hours and where do I hand them in?

All service hours need to be recorded on the Service Hour Record Form, found on our website or in the files on the table outside Campus Ministry. Please fill out your name and Class of on the ASHS form before you hand it in. If you have letters or additional forms that document your service, you can include them, but they must be accompanied by Spalding’s official form. All hours are submitted to the Campus Ministry office. You can give them directly to Mrs. Dols or leave them in the file on the door marked –Completed Service Record Forms.

What do I need to include in my reflection?

The reflection is to be 1 page, single or double spaced and should address the following: what type of service did you participate in, why did you choose this particular type of service, how has this service affected me?

Should I continue to hand in hours even if I have completed my requirement?

Yes! We like to record all the hours you have done while you are a student at Spalding. This is optional, but we encourage you to do so.

Can service completed the summer before entering my freshman year count toward the ASHS requirement?

Yes, as long as the hours were completed the summer before your freshman year AFTER June 15th. Nothing before this date may be submitted. 

Can I submit the same hours for my graduation requirement and NHS?

When applying to NHS, you may use the service hours you have completed to show your involvement in service. However, once accepted to NHS, there is an additional separate service hour requirement for being a NHS member. You may not count hours twice.  The requirement for NHS service hours is additional hours above your required graduation service requirement.

Can the hours I did on my Sophomore Service day count toward my graduation requirement?

No, these hours do not count toward a student’s graduation requirement. Any hours completed during a school day do not count toward the ASHS requirement.



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