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Community service is part of our Catholic School identity and is a focal point for the modeling of our Christian formation. Living out the Gospel, we are truly blessed at Spalding to be able to offer religious studies classes, retreats, liturgies, mission trips, and an opportunity to engage in service ministry. In service we receive God's gifts, use them responsibly, and share them lovingly in justice with others. Our school seeks to support our Catholic Christocentric mission to help students grow spiritually, to connect them to the divine, to help them love as Christ loved, and to serve in this world as “One In Christ”.

Below you will find helpful information regarding ASHS’s Graduation Service Requirement:

  • Total Service Requirement: 60 hours of community service and a 1-page typed written reflection (framing questions for the reflection are found on the Service Hour Record Form). Of those 60 service hours, 25 hours must be completed in an Outreach service setting and 35 hours can be done in an Unspecified service setting. If preferable, all 60 hours can be completed in Outreach Service (see description below).

  • We have implemented deadlines to ensure each student reaches their requirement by senior year.Students should check the Student Handbook, or Haiku under Campus Ministry/Service/Service Requirement or the bulletin boards outside Campus Ministry for the deadlines that apply to their class year.

  • We do accept hours that a student has completed prior to entering Spalding, however, these hours must have been completed after June 15th in the summer before one’s freshman year of high school and not before.

  • As students and parents are most often familiar with the appropriate person to contact at previous schools, we encourage you to contact your former school for a record of previously submitted hours. Once you have obtained those records, please submit them to the Campus Ministry office. If you have trouble obtaining this information, please contact the Campus Ministry office to assist you.

  • If you have hours that you never submitted to your previous school, you may submit those hours by attaching them to the ASHS Service Hours Record Form (attached and found on Haiku under Campus Ministry/Forms or outside the Campus Ministry office). Please fill out your name and Class of, on the top of the form before you attach your records.Any new hours that you complete after entering Spalding must also be submitted through this same form.

  • We have a list of Approved Outreach Opportunities which can be found outside the Campus Ministry office and on Haiku under Campus Ministry/Service/Service Opportunities. We also encourage students to seek out their own service opportunities. When doing so, students should seek approval to ensure the service they have selected will qualify for the ASHS requirement BEFORE completing the service. This can be done by seeing Mrs. Dols during the school day or sending a brief email describing the service to Please allow for adequate response time before the service opportunity.

  • A listing of activities that Do Not count toward either the Unspecified or Outreach service requirement can be found on the Service Hour Record Form or in the Student Handbook.

  • The Service Hour requirement for NHS members (once accepted) is separate and is in addition to the ASHS service requirement for graduation. 

    While we encourage new students to embrace ASHS’s commitment to service, depending on the year at which a student enters Spalding and the requirement of a student’s previous school, we are able to work with individual students to modify our requirements for graduation when necessary.  Please contact Mrs. Dols in Campus Ministry right away at or at 410-969-9105, ext. 329 to set up a time to meet if you have questions/concerns about your ability to meet the service requirement.



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