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The current building houses 54 academic classrooms, including four science labs. The school's Library Media Center houses approximately 14,000 volumes, and offers students access to twenty four desktop computers for research. With a focus on integrating technology within the academic program, the entire school building wing is networked as a wireless environment, allowing faculty and students to have immediate access to the worldwide web of information. There are two PC computer labs, one IMAC lab and four mobile laptop carts containing thirty computers per cart. All classrooms are equipped with closed circuit systems and access to video and computer projection units that allow for enhanced visual presentations.

The Archbishop Spalding auditorium, with seating capacity for 1,200, is home to the school's well-known theater and music productions. The auditorium serves as the central location for school-wide assemblies and liturgies. The school also has a chapel, which students, parents and faculty utilize for quiet reflection, personal meditation, prayer services and group liturgies. One area of the campus that is recognized as a privileged tradition is the Senior Garden, an outdoor area where only senior students may go during their lunch.

Archbishop Spalding presently has seven playing fields including a state of the art synthetic turf stadium and track. The main gymnasium has a seating capacity of 1,100 and the secondary gymnasium seats 500. There is a state-of-the-art weight training center for individual and team conditioning.

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Location Title Short Description Link X Coord Y Coord
Main Entrance & South Wing The main entrance and the South Wing is the newest addition to Archbishop Spalding High School.  It includes a very modern architectural design which houses the administrative offices, board room, and 21st Century classrooms, including art rooms, a Mac Lab, and other classrooms. page.aspx?pid=654 311 106
Trinity Chapel This beautiful chapel, which can seat about 100 is the location for Mass and prayer services with small groups of classes.  The adjacent campus ministry office is used by the Campus Minister and Service Coordinator. page.aspx?pid=655 368 101
Library Media Center The Spalding Library Media Center (LMC) is a 5752 square foot multilevel complex of rooms that serves the educational and recreational needs of the Spalding Community. page.aspx?pid=656 392 73
Senior Garden The Senior Garden is a courtyard located just outside the LMC.  It includes beautiful flowers, benches, and patio furniture.  This area is designated only for seniors, who often utilize the space for connecting, eating, and studying. page.aspx?pid=657 417 73
East Wing The East Wing, identified by the brick façade is the former main entrance to the school, which leads to the East Lobby.  The auditorium, just off the lobby, seats about 1200 and houses concerts and drama performances as well as school-wide Mass services and assemblies. page.aspx?pid=658 480 149
Academic Wing The three story academic wing is located on the north side of the building.  English and Foreign Language office and classes are located on the first floor, social studies and math are on the second, and the science labs are on the third floor.  page.aspx?pid=659 327 38
Café Area The cafeteria area connects the athletic buildings to the academic wing.  This large area features a full service kitchen and ample seating for student lunches and other events. page.aspx?pid=660 211 26
Athletic Building The athletic building is comprised of the old and new gymnasiums and a state-of-the art fitness.  The athletic department office and the athletic training room are located just outside of the fitness room. page.aspx?pid=661 161 115
Stadium The new stadium offers a beautiful turf field, surrounded by a track.  The grandstands offer ample seating as well as a state-of-the-art video booth connected to a massive scoreboard on the south side of the field.  Concessions are located on the east side of the stadium.  page.aspx?pid=662 27 225
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